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Elevating Brand Experience Lighting Techniques- IESSF Event

Webster's definition of a brand is a category of products that are all made by a particular company and all have a particular name. Whereas branding aims to create a unique experience to reinforce a product or service. How does light change the perception of a brand? How can memorable iconic lighting elements reinforce a brand? In addition to these questions the dialog between the clients brand, the architect's brand, and the lighting designer's brand, and who's brand should take the lead will be discussed. Angela McDonald and Faith Jewell will present examples of different lighting techniques in project installations where lighting becomes part of the brand. 

Repetition of elements, pushing and pulling of scale, use of color and making memorable iconic lighting statements are some techniques used to elevate a brand experience or change the perception of a brand. Some of the brands to be discussed include Verizon, Target, Visa, LAX, and Jins.

Angela McDonald, Senior Principal at Horton Lees Brogden Lighting Design San Francisco
Faith Jewell, Associate at Horton Lees Brogden Lighting Design San Francisco