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Net-Zero Nonzero: Lighting and the Evolving Smart City

Workshop – The LED Show
March 1, 2016, 1-5-pm
Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara, CA

We hear a lot lately about Net Zero buildings that produce as much energy as they consume, and as we extend this idea to cities, energy efficiency will continue to be a crucial part of our future. NonZero refers to the human part of the equation: social arrangements, especially cities, where a nonzero (or win-win) game is possible, where cooperation, exchange, innovation, trade, environmental, balance and sustainable growth are possible. With the world rapidly urbanizing, strategies that facilitate nonzero interactions are essential to our survival. The Smart City, for which lighting is an important driving force, is one of these strategies.

Confirmed Speakers

Clifton Lemon
Founder, LightPlace Advisors, Clifton Lemon Associates

Rick Freeman
Global Product General Manager for Intelligent Cities, GE

Steve Lawton
Retail Consultant, Main Street Realty, Founder, LightPlace Advisors

Willem Sillevus Smitt
VP Marketing, Xicato

Jay Shuler
President, Shuler Associates 

Kirsten Ritchie
Director of Sustainable Design, Gensler

Deborah Acosta
Chief Innovation Officer, City of San Leandro


Special  one-time $99 Price for Bay Area Locals- Use "LEDLOCAL" code when registering