Clifton Lemon and Steve Lawton on Streetsblog/Talking Headways
Clifton Lemon and Steve Lawton of LightPlace Advisors talk about how lighting is going to change in cities with the advent of the LED. We learn about what fire and light means to humans and why the street light might become one of the most valuable assets a city has. Clifton and Steve describe a public health angle as well — how the color temperature affects us and why we should be mindful of how many times cities choose to create lighting that is better for driving and cars than walking and people. We also get into why brighter might not always mean safer when you’re walking at night, as well as how in-ground lighting can improve traffic management in cities. 

May 7- Future of Smart Lighting Panel @ LFI
I moderate an exclusive panel discussion at LightFair 2015 in New York for Bridgelux on the future of Smart Lighting. Panel members include Bridgelux CEO Brad Bullington, Intense Lighting CTO Allan Gray, Harvard Engineering VP Americas Antony Corrie, and Avi-on CEO Eric Miller. There is a tension occurring in the LED industry between technology developers and OEMs: chipmakers are launching advanced technologies to lead the industry into its future but the advancement feels challenging to partners and customers who are accustomed to a manufacturing vs. connected technology focus.  The industry’s success relies on partners and customers to bring these innovations to scale so LEDs can achieve meaningful market penetration. How can the industry better work together to navigate the transition to its inevitable future and realize its $100 billion potential?  This panel discussion will include the hardware technologist, software developer and OEM perspective to discuss this next chapter of the industry, the impact it will have on all players in the space and how all parties can work better together. It will touch on the current challenges and potential solutions for working together to spur innovation, scale and success within the lighting industry 

June 4 - Lighting & Placemaking: Smart City
is the third event in our Spring Education Seminars for IES SF. This one is titled Lighting & Placemaking: Smart City and will include David Scheer, Sr Product Integration Manager, Architect, Autodesk; Krista Cannelakis, Deputy Innovation Officer - Office of Mayor Edwin Lee, San Francisco; Lewis Knight, Planning & Urban Design Practice Area Leader, Gensler; and Jeremy Steinmeier, Architect & Lighting Practice Area Leader, Gensler. The event will be held at Gensler SF offices.

California Street Light Association (CALSLA) NorCal Conference
On April 4 I spoke with partner Steve Lawton at the Northern California conference of the California Street Light Association on the future of the Smart City.  The event was held at the California Lighting Technology Center in Davis.