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Connective Innovation & Emerging Technologies: What’s NEXT in Lighting and Tech

IES San Francisco Section & Autodesk present:

Zach Gentry, Vice President, Enlighted
Stephanie Egger, Building Scientist, Autodesk
Ebbe AltbergCEO, Linden Lab
Clifton Lemon, Founder, LightPlace Advisors, Clifton Lemon Associates

Lights that sense where you are and give you behavioral data that helps you plan better spaces? Immersion experiences that allow you to feel like you’re really in a space, complete with hyper-realistic daylight and electric light? Lights and sensor systems that know how you feel better than you do? Things like this are not only coming soon, they’re already here and being combined and deployed in surprising new ways. Today we’re deluged with talk about Smart Cities, advanced controls, Internet of Things, Internet of Everything, Industrial Internet, Physical seems like very day there’s a new innovation, technology, or paradigm to know about or risk being seen as behind the curve. You might be feeling a bit of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). 

Will a robot eat your job? When? The answers are: yes and probably sooner than you’re comfortable with. Automation and machine learning replace a lot of jobs (as they should in many cases) but despite what Silicon Valley, politicians, or some economists may want you to believe, they usually don’t create new ones. How do you cope?

In the lighting industry, the talk has been about smart controls and applications that go far beyond what we know of lighting today, so far, in fact that the industry may become unrecognizable much faster than we think. This event will challenge you to see your current practice in a much larger context and to make technology work for you rather than vice versa.


5:30 – 6:30 Networking

6:30 – 6:35 Introductions & Announcements 

6:35 - 8:00 Presentations 

8:00– 8:30 Moderated Panel Discussion: Combining Emerging Technologies and Innovations to Create the Lighting Industry of the Future
Clifton Lemon, Moderator Zach Gentry, Stephanie Egger, Ebbe Altberg