The most successful companies have learned how to plan well for the near future, where forecasting is more accurate, and to act decisively when evidence requires course corrections.

Stakeholder Insighting - Strategy is informed by our objective process that uncovers what your customers and ecosystem really needs. Our stakeholder insighting uses both quantitative and qualitative methods and delivers perspectives, insights, and data that is invaluable for decision support, brand management, and roadmap management.

Design and Innovation Charrettes – These are a productive way to get your team off their monitors and talking to and interacting with each other in dynamic new ways. Our guided innovation sessions are very different form “brainstorming” and include considerable prep material and focus on careful articulation of the design brief, an active period of interdisciplinary experimentation and shared idea generation, and moderated critique.

Forecasting and Roadmap Decision Support - Our forecasting uses existing data and research, new Stakeholder inquiry results, crowdsourced probability-weighted results from our network of experts. Our forecasting support can be used for very targeted roadmap decisions, such as which platforms, standards, specifications, or technologies to choose; design options to offer; or price points to target. 

Scenario Planning - We also use existing data, stakeholder inquiry results, and crowdsourced results, in addition to current industry scenarios we have developed, to build scenarios to help strategic planning for unique issues and questions for companies. 

Business Development

Marketing communications and business development can be decisive factors in a company’s success. We offer a comprehensive range of services in this area.

Brand Management - We developed a methodology for analyzing brands we call “brandsequencing”- basically reading the basic elements of a brand, similar to how gene sequencing reads the genome of an organism, based on five attributes: category, character, benefits, difference, and credibility.

Pilot Programs and Case Studies - Proving out new products in real-world applications and installations is a crucial step in launching a company or product and can provide a strong start to building a new brand. We manage the entire process of launching pilot programs” setting benchmarks, developing specifications, crafting client agreements, documenting results, and publishing case studies.

Technical Literature- In the specifier-driven sales process that is common in most of the lighting industry, data sheets and other forms of technical literature are often the points of sale for the customer. We work closely with companies to develop technical literature programs that communicate essential product data and benefits clearly and concisely.


Lighting today is making use of new developments in materials, power systems, optics, and manufacturing methods, as well as expanding into many new areas including neuroscience, behavioral science, health and wellness, IoT, and industrial horticulture. Offering education resources to practicing professionals provides an excellent basis for sales outreach to firms and organizations as a platform for introducing products and services.  

Seminar and Webinar Curriculum Development - We develop CEU based curriculum on a range of different lighting topics including SSL technology, design practices, advanced controls, regulatory issues, and design history, in addition to technical topics specific to products and product lines.  

Thought Leadership – We work with companies to articulate specific areas of knowledge in which they can claim expertise, and help their leading spokespeople to write and speak authoritatively on topics of interest to their customers.