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Lightbulbs, Luminaires, Lifetime: Scenarios for the Future of Lighting

  • LightShow West Los Angeles Convention Center Drive Los Angeles, CA, 90015 United States (map)

In today’s lighting industry, rapid change, new technologies, and global economic realities mean uncertainty and risk for manufacturers and designers. How do we know what to build and install and when? How will IoT eat lighting? When will technologies become obsolete? In this seminar, lighting insider Clifton Stanley Lemon looks at economic, historical, cultural, and technical facets of these questions, connects them to the drivers of change, and presents multiple scenarios – rather than “inevitable” predictions – for the future of lighting.


  • Explore the history and economics behind our current electrical and lighting infrastructure.

  • Analyze the complexity of strategic planning questions for product companies, such as replaceable component vs upgradable systems, optimal product lifetime, solutions seeking problems, integrating “smart” capabilities into “dumb” objects, etc.

  • Investigate new approaches to innovation in technology for the built environment.

  • Identify new directions in the design and deployment of lighting and electrical systems that adapt to the global ecosystem.