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Case Studies in Advanced Lighting Controls: Learning from Exemplary Projects


Buildings with Advanced Lighting Controls Systems (ALCS) installed are still somewhat rare but they are gradually becoming more prevalent, as project teams design to meet California’s energy codes while beginning to realize important environmental benefits. With ALCS, we can now do many things never before possible, including capturing significant energy savings (typically from 20-40%, in addition to the efficiencies of LED luminaires), and increasing user comfort, health and productivity. ALCS plays an important role in achieving Zero Net Energy (ZNE) buildings, mandated for all new residential construction in California by 2020, and an optimal design process remains critical to their successful adoption. 


This course will present several important exemplary projects that use ALCS (including one award winning net positive project), that provide valuable learning, experience, and best practices. The case studies focus primarily on designing, implementing and operating ALCS, and will address task tuning; CCT and LLD tuning; optimizing the integrated design process; designing for ZNE; assessing technologies and systems; calculating ROI; and presenting solutions to owners.