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The Illumitunity Convergence: Adapt & Thrive in the Lighting Ecosystem

Dramatic bad news, like the “disruption” of lighting, stands out more than good news because we now consume so much more information faster than ever, and we’re hardwired to be somewhat paranoid. But the mythology of disruption and decline hides the dramatic reality of endless possibilities: “Illumitunity”- the upside of “Illumigeddon.” Illumitunity is about how convergence – of technologies, cultural ideas, and economic models – not disruption, provides the real transformative force that creates change and economic growth. In this fertile ecosystem, opportunities for new ideas, products, business models and partnerships often hid in plain sight, while we are blinded only by our paralysis, fear, and lack of imagination. Discover how we can get beyond the chaos and confusion of the dramatic, and often overwhelming, changes in lighting, energy, and technology and focus on adapting more effectively to change with new tools, perspectives, and predictive models.

Join me with Christopher Brown at LightShow West in Las Vegas on Wednesday , October 17 at 10 am.