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Building with Light: A Conversation about Light and Design


Claudia Carol, Firmwide Planning & Urban Design Practice Area Leader, Senior Associate – Gensler
Gere Kavanaugh, Principal – Gere Kavanaugh Designs
Clifton Stanley Lemon, CEO Clifton Lemon Associates

LightShow West, LA Convention Center

As we learn more about generative and resilient building, efficiency, and the effects of light on behavior, cognition, wellness, and healthy cities, designers across many disciplines are now in a unique position to collaborate and innovate. This session is a conversation between a leading interior designer and a leading urban planner on light as a fundamental building material and a connective element that dramatically impacts our experience of the built environment. The conversation will explore the history of public and private lighting and how technical and design developments have impacted interiors, architecture, and urban planning over the last 400 years; analyze the similarities and differences between historical and modern social transformations reflected in architecture and planning, and how these can be viewed through the lens of lighting; and investigate how we can transform architectural and lighting design practice to integrate both new technology and time-honored sustainable building practices.